. . . actually imaginative visual art

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the clown

Serious events viewed with the humourous eye of the clown personality can appeal to more people than just the clown. One goal of clowns is that they want to share what they think is funny. In this series, there are several elements that run through each piece; bold vibrant color, embedded pieces, and supporting text. The color of each piece not only mimics the personality of a clown but it also supports the message. The embedded elements as well as their scale draw the focus to the appropriate part of the piece that supports the joke and mirrors the boldness that clowns radiate. Supporting text on each of the pieces reinforces the overall message. Viewers that possess this personality can relate to the strong simplicity of the layouts.

Clown Birth

Making a baby can be perceived in many different directions for a clown. The symbols for male and female are embedded into the paper positioned in a way that resembles the action of having sex. Inside the head, or egg, of the woman are variations of the term "having sex." Directly below the female are nine ellipses mirroring the nine months of pregnancy. And the result is a baby.