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the destroyer

The destroyer as a personality type tends to rebel against typical social structures. Within each of the milestones explored in this series, the idea of breaking away from the norm was the motivation. Specific characteristics that run through the entire series are limited simply because of the nonconforming nature of the destroyer archetype. Traits that do cross over are the monochromatic earth tones of the handmade paper and the rough natural textures of each piece. Viewers that possess this personality type can identify with the ideas in each piece that honestly speak the truth relating to the milestones that most people don't want to express. They also can relate to the simplistic ideas represented that reflect the core of the ideas explored.

Destroyer Death

When death occurs the simple idea of being buried and surrounded by earth is the focus of this milestone. The bold type of the word "DUST" is embedded just under the surface of the paper to reflect the concept of burial. Extreme texture and ashes add to the idea of "ashes to ashes, dust to dust."