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the poet

The milestones of graduation, marriage, birth and death were all approached with a sense of lyricism that grew and adapted with the life of a person who identifies with the poet personality. Common threads that move throughout each piece in this series contain handmade paper of two harmonious colors, stenciled poetry, and the scale of important words or ideas. Poet's relate to not only the poetry included in each piece, but also the beauty of the handmade paper iteslf. The simplistic nature of the layouts coincides with the ideas of a poet by applying their sharp insight and their ability to see the essence of beauty in the most common of events.

Poet Death

The finality of death is an occasion that demands somber respect. The stenciled poem on the right side of the paper that, on occasion, bleeds off of the page, echoes the idea of departure. The red of the top color randomly bleeds into the letterforms that represents movement from one stage of life to the next. The poem itself contains a secondary poem within the text which is emphasized by scale of the words within the main poem.